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Hi everyone, I'm Jackie and I like warm hugs!! I'm 23 years old. I like to read and write Josh Hutcherson fan fiction. Take a look at the world through my eyes. Message me if you'd like, don't be afraid!! :)

Another Day in Paradise- Chapter 3- Shame on Me

Happy Thursday everyone! Thank you for the continued support, you guys have no idea how much it means to me. All the reblogs likes and feedback mean a lot!! I think I have made Thursdays my official post days. The chapters will be posted at 4 PM PST. Thank you Sarah editing this chapterI loved your input :)

The first weekend in Panama came and went. Lauren and I went down to the beach with a few people that had gone out to dinner with. We even went out clubbing and stayed out until exhaustion took over us.

On Sunday, Josh texted me to tell me that Andre would pick us up at ten to take us to the set. I thought it was a bit early to tell, but Lauren said he was eager to talk to me.

When Monday rolled around, class was officially in session. All I could think about was that I was going to see him at the end of the week. Every time we would be out, I was constantly looking for him in the crowd.

Thursday evening was when the butterflies started to kick in. I pulled out different outfits and asked Lauren about her opinion on them. I really wanted to impress Josh, but everything that I pulled out made me feel self conscious.

“Andy, just wear shorts and a nice top,” Lauren suggested. “Just go casual, I’m sure he would like that better.”

“I can’t believe that I’m making such a big deal about this. I mean why the hell am I even trying to impress him? He probably fell head over heels for his co-star already,” I huffed out as I threw myself on my bed.

Lauren walked to the closet and pulled out a top and tossed it to me. She then sat on her bed with her knees pulled up to her chest. “He likes you, I know he does. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach. I swear if you don’t do anything or even try to work something out before we go back home, you will regret it.”

Her words stung me as I tried to sleep that night. The thought of seeing Josh again after almost a week was exciting and I couldn’t contain my joy. I would once again be able to be in his arms and feel the warmth between our bodies, something I was surprised to say I missed. Needless to say, all the tossing and turning led to a sleepless night.

I was up bright and early before Lauren woke up. I took some extra time to get ready, wanting to make a second good impression on Josh and a good first one on his co-stars. Once I was done, Lauren took one look at me and teased, “So you’re not trying to impress anyone, huh?”

The fact that her teasing me made me blush. She was right, I liked Josh a lot, and I wanted to impress him but I couldn’t think of having anything serious with him. It just seemed impossible to me. I’m sure there are other women out there that would suit him better

Around ten minutes before ten, we heard a knock and saw Andre at the door. “Good morning, ladies. Ready to go?”

As we got down to the car, Lauren and I asked Andre about the movie Josh was working on since he hadn’t said much about it.

“So who is Josh exactly playing?” Lauren asked. I could feel my face get hot every time she mentioned his name and she found that funny.

“He’s playing a guy named Nick who’s visiting his brother in Columbia,” Andre explained. “He then ends up falling in love with a local girl and finds out that she’s the niece of Pablo Escobar.”

“Who’s Pablo Escobar?” Lauren questioned. Before Andre could answer her, I stepped in.

“He was a drug lord, Lauren and he was probably the most dangerous man to get involved with in South America.”

“Oh shit. That’s intense,” Lauren whispered. She and Andre continued to talk and I jumped in the conversation every once in a while. My mind was off in another direction, all I could think about was coming face to face with Josh again.

We arrived on set about fifteen minutes later, it wasn’t a long drive. Andre gave us our passes and led us to some trailers before knocking on one. Within a few seconds, Josh opened the door, saw us and broke into a smile. He first reached out for Lauren and hugged her, and then he turned to me with open arms. I quickly went in and wrapped my own around his neck as his wrapped around my waist. Despite the heat and humidity, the warmth of our bodies together was quickly becoming addicting. I breathed in his clean scent and my skin exploded when our exposed flesh touched. We held on for a bit until I realized that it may have been a bit awkward for Lauren and Andre.

“Hey,” he said in a low voice. “How have you been? I couldn’t wait to see you today.”

“I can say the same thing about you,” I responded as I felt the blush spread my cheeks.

I took in a minute to check out what he was wearing. He had on cutoff shorts and a tank top that had what looked like alligators on them. Everything was form fitting and the sight of him made my mouth water. His hair was a bit disheveled and he wore it well.

Snapping back into reality, Josh offered us a tour since he was on a break. Andre excused himself to make a few phone calls and that he would catch up to us. As we toured the set, Lauren and I ran into Benicio Del Toro who was playing Pablo Esocbar. Josh introduced us to him and he was very welcoming, shaking our hands and wishing us a good stay in Panama.

“Josh!” I heard a female voice call out for him. All of us turned around to see someone running towards him, Lauren and I had to quickly move aside so she wouldn’t run us over. She threw her arms around Josh, almost knocking him down.

“Josh, are you on your lunch break? How about we go out?” she asked excitedly, totally ignoring that fact that we were there.

He carefully pulled her arms off of him, slightly embarrassed and slowly turned her towards us. She was about an inch shorter than him, had long, straight, dark brown hair, tan skin and a big smile. “Claudia, this is Andy and Lauren. Remember I told you I met some friends last Friday? Well, here they are.” His voice sounded strained and it was getting me a bit anxious.

“Oh, so you’re the girl that Josh keeps talking about,” she said in her Spanish accent as her eyes held my gaze. Nothing about her tone was inviting and I could already tell that it wasn’t going to go anywhere good.

Lauren jumped in seeing how there was already tension. “Yeah we’re the girls that left a good impression on Josh. Isn’t that right?”

“Well, it’s nice meeting you two. I’m Claudia Traisac, I play Maria, Josh’s love interest,” she bragged as she playfully hugged Josh. He didn’t seem comfortable with her and once again, he removed her arms from him.

“Claudia, I think we should have lunch another day. I really want to show them around,” Josh said calmly. Claudia huffed and stomped back in the direction that she came from, throwing a disgusted look over her shoulder.

“Well that was lovely,” Lauren joked and Josh and I started bursting into laughter.

“Yeah, she’s a handful. She tried coming onto me when we first started production and I told her we would be better off as friends. She didn’t take it so lightly and has been finding any opportunity to be with me. It’s kind of annoying.”

Trying to leave behind the awkward run-in, Josh took us around the set and introduced to us the director. He was very nice and welcoming, making up for Claudia’s behavior. We then walked onto the beach, not far from where the crew was set up. The sand was soft and the water was cool to the touch as we walked around the shore. Lauren’s phone rang and she excused herself leaving me with Josh.

“So how do you like Panama so far?” he asked.

“It’s breathtaking. I’m so glad to be here, although I thought I was close to not coming.”

Looking over at me, he had a soft smile on his face. “I’m glad you came, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you.”

When it was time for lunch we ate together, waiting until Josh had to go back to work before parting company. I was really excited to see Josh act; I loved how he was able to get into character in a matter of seconds.

The scene was taking place on the beach and we walked over with the crew. Andre stayed behind while Lauren and I found a spot to sit on the sand as we saw Josh and Claudia in action. There was a scene where they kissed and I felt a pang of jealousy hit me. I knew they were just acting, but I had to look away before my feelings took over.

Once they called cut, Lauren went to go find a bathroom leaving me sitting alone. When Josh was done talking with a crew member, he came over and sat down beside me, and left Claudia behind. Her mouth was left slightly open which quickly turned into a scowl. If looks could kill, I would have been dead. 

“Wow, you’re really good,” I complimented him as I drew in the sand with my finger.

“Aww thank you. You’re too sweet,” he replied as he took a seat next to me. He cleared his throat, continuing what he had to say, “Listen Andy, um, I was wondering if you were free tonight.”

I froze my finger in the sand and looked at him, my mind went blank and it felt like my lungs gave up on pumping air. “A-are you asking me out?” I asked in disbelief.

“Y-yeah, I am. I really like you and I would like to take you out to dinner. I just want to be alone with you. Lauren likes to hog you and I’m kind of jealous,” he joked.

It felt like my heart leaped into my throat as I tried to answer. Instead, I giggled. “She’s just around because she can’t survive in a Spanish speaking country without me.”

He laughed along before asking, “So is that a yes?” hope danced in his eyes as his fingers knotted together.

“Yes, Josh, that’s a yes. Thank you.” He held out his arm, encouraging me to scoot in closer to his side. Once I had moved closer and laid my head on his shoulder, he closed his arm around my side. That moment felt so right, I felt too comfortable at his side. It scared me for a minute and then it vanished just as quickly as it had come. I never felt like that before; Patrick didn’t come close to what I was feeling at that moment with Josh.

The crew packed and headed towards the next location. Lauren came back and we followed Josh back to his trailer, he had to change his outfit and get into hair and makeup. He told us that we could find a spot to sit among the crew and that he wouldn’t take long.

As we were looking for a place to sit, I told Lauren what Josh asked me on the beach.

“Are you kidding me? Oh my god, I’m so happy for you! I was hoping that you would’ve listened to me and make the first move, but he beat you to it!” she shrieked.

“Oh Lauren, he’s just so sweet. I feel comfortable with him, he’s so genuine and down to earth and everything I could ask for. He makes my heart race and the butterflies flutter, but most of all, he makes me feel so much better than how Patrick ever made me feel.”

“Andy, good things come to those who wait. See what just happened? You definitely are done with your waiting,” she said.

“I guess you’re right. I’m happy, I really am,” I replied with a smile on my face.

I asked a crew member where we could sit and she told us that we could sit where they were about to film as long as we went to go find chairs. We ventured off to find chairs when we walked by a trailer whose door were wide open. I could hear people inside talking to one another in Spanish. The sound of Claudia’s voice was unmistakable. Lauren insisted on hiding behind the door and listening to her conversation.

“Come on, Andy. What’s she saying?” she whispered.

“Lauren, let’s go. We are going to get caught!”

I was about to pull her by the elbow when I heard Claudia say my name. I pushed Lauren behind me and listened from behind the door. She was talking to her friend in the trailer about how Josh brought us to the set to “visit”. She went on to say that way he talked about me all week made it sound like I was God-sent when in reality, I was just a disappointment. I wasn’t pretty or thin like her and I wasn’t the first girl that he brought to the set. He was just going to throw me aside after the day was over and I would never hear from him again. “Just like he’s done with all the rest,” Claudia’s voice rang out, filled with laughter.

My stomach flipped as I heard her say those things about me. I felt tears stinging my eyes and blurring my vision. I couldn’t bear to hear anymore so I quickly walked away from Claudia’s trailer as Lauren followed.

“Andy, why are you crying? What did she say?” she asked with genuine concern.

“Josh. He’s lying about everything. H-he’s done this before to other girls and he just throws them away like nothing,” I sobbed out. “This is all a joke. I’m part of it and he’s going to have a good laugh about it tomorrow. I want to leave now.”

“Are you sure she’s not trying to break you? What if she’s lying about everything?”

“No, the person in there with her didn’t deny it, I heard them both laughing. Just please let’s go. I don’t want to be here anymore,” I choked out.

“Maybe if you talk to Jo-,”

“No. I don’t want to see or talk to him,” I stated simply.

She just nodded and walked with me to the entrance. She didn’t push it because she knew that I had had enough. Just as we were about to leave, we saw Andre walking back onto the set. He looked as if he was about to say something until he saw my state.

“Andy, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not. I need to go Andre, but thank you for inviting me,” I said with a shaking voice as I handed him my pass. He stayed with us until we got a cab and I overheard Lauren telling Andre what happened. He said he was going to talk to Josh about it, but I really didn’t care.

Our cab arrived Andre told us to text him when we got back. Once we arrived to our room, I went to lie down on my bed and cry some more. Was I really that stupid? Why was I crying about Josh? He wasn’t even mine and here I was crying over him. I hated the fact that he was breaking my heart after such a short time. I just got over being hurt and now this?

My phone rang and I turned it to silent, I didn’t want to talk to or listen to anybody. I was tired, so tired, and all I wanted to do was sleep; and that’s what I did as my phone continued to lit up from incoming and missed calls. 

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