We still can't find Lil' Peanut

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Hi everyone, I'm Jackie and I like warm hugs!! I'm 23 years old. Born in the Bay. Living in sin city. I like to read and write Josh Hutcherson fan fiction. Take a look at the world through my eyes. Message me if you'd like, don't be afraid!! :) BE WARNED! Josh Hutcherson and Ian Somerhalder will blow up your dashboard.

I’m so bored, I’m about to pull my hair out.

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#This is bullshit  #im about to scream 
Anonymous asked: Hey, baby. Are you ready for me tonight?- Josh


You’re Damon and I’m Elena. Deal? ;)

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c0meal0nghutch asked: EY MUY BONITA



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And I will be holding this flag for you reference…

Come back, lil peanut!!

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I’m not blushing yet guys.


Where are my messages?


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