I disdain all glittering gold...

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Hi everyone, I'm Jackie and I like warm hugs!! I'm 23 years old. I like to read and write Josh Hutcherson fan fiction. Take a look at the world through my eyes. Message me if you'd like, don't be afraid!! :)

Josh Hutcherson attends the ‘Escobar:Paradise Lost’ Green Carpet Arrivals during Day 4 of Zurich Film Festival 2014 on September 28, 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland.

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#thank you for bringing out the gray suit  #if only you were blonde and I would've been hit with feels from the letterman days 
The Lies We Tell - Chapter 13 (NC-17)


A/N: Hey lovelies! Happy Wednesday. I hope you are all doing well today. This story is at about the halfway point right now, and I just wanted to thank everyone who has been so amazing and supportive of me with this journey. I truly love hearing from all of you each week. And I hope you continue to enjoy where this story goes.

If you would like to catch up on any previous chapters, they can be found HERE.


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oh my god, I don’t know if it’s normal to feel all these emotions at the same time
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The Breaking Point-Not So Broken Anymore-Part2 (NC-17)


Hello my dear peeps!!!! I hope you all are having a fabulous Friday and a great start to the weekend. Here is the second part to yesterday’s outtake and this one is more Josh/Joanna oriented. I hope that you all keep having a fabulous Friday. Love you all!!!! <3

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Oh my goodness, so many feels!!!!!!
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The Breaking Point: The Broken Girl-Outtake Part 1


Hey loves!!!!! I hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday!!!! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but school and personal things have been going on, so it hasn’t given me much time. In this outtake, you will learn more about Joanna’s painful past. It was going to be into one part but I had to divide it into two, so the second part will come tomorrow and that one will be more Josh/Joanna oriented. Thank you so much for the support. It really means a lot. Have a great day! Love you all!!! <3

I want to thank Jackie for the idea and I would like to dedicate this two parts to her <3

Trigger Warnings: Angst, Mentions of Rape, Violence, Uncomfortable Situations.

Song: Nightswimming by REM

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So good, you need to get on this now!!
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perfectionwasbornin1992 asked: JACKIEE!!! So awesome seeing you on my dash!! Missed you!!<3


Thank you, Alejandra. I’m still not off of the hiatus, but I will come back soon :)

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dmarie1985 asked: I miss you and I love you and I still really hope you do your next story!! <3


I miss you and love you more <3 I’ve been in a funk but hopefully it will go away. I will post the prologue eventually. I had an idea about a Halloween idea but it’s been a while. I have until the end of October so we’ll see :)

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Thinking about writing a little something Halloween-ish but I don’t know. It’s been a while :/

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