I disdain all glittering gold...

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Hi everyone, I'm Jackie and I like warm hugs!! I'm 23 years old. I like to read and write Josh Hutcherson fan fiction. Take a look at the world through my eyes. Message me if you'd like, don't be afraid!! :)

The Lies We Tell - Chapter 12


A/N: Hey everybody. I’m sorry I couldn’t get this finished in time to post it yesterday, but I hope you all enjoy it. 

All previous chapters can be found HERE.


Josh stood up from the ground, dusting his hands on his jeans as he stepped back to survey his work.

"What do you guys think?"

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Getting hit with Daddy feels, man.

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Wondering if it’s even worth it.

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peetamellarktossedmebread asked: Love you loads jackie never forget that <3


Thank you, Cerys. Love you too ❤️

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lostmyselfinparadise asked: I'm sorry you're feeling this way, but I understand. I had thought things were calmer though. Take the time you need. You were one of the first blogs i followed. Hopefully you'll be back and feeling better about things. Please take care.


Thank you, love. Things got way out of hand and I need a step back. I have school to keep my mind off things right now. I hope that after this semi hiatus, things are calmer :)

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myusernamehere asked: I ship you with Tani! <3


I’m sure she’d appreciate that!

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Countdown to Mockingjay Pt.1: Black and Whites of Josh Hutcherson-Day 259/325

Countdown to Mockingjay Pt.1: Black and Whites of Josh Hutcherson-Day 259/325

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The worst feeling in the world is when you look around you, and realize just how alone you are. You think of your friends, but you also think of how rarely they just stop by to say hello. You think of your siblings, but you also think of how they only call when they need something. You think you are worth someones time and memory, and than you realize you are not. That, that is the worst feeling.

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry that you have to take a small hiatus. I know what you're talking about, the deletion and hiatuses of blogs are somehow not being noticed by others in the fandom. It's not the same, so much drama and indirectness from people who should know better. Kind of disappointed, to be honest.


Don’t be sorry, I bet some are happy I’m not as active on here as before. It’s hard and there are times when I feel like I’m the bad guy here. But you’re right, some people should know better, but I guess they want to stir stuff up :/

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